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Rhyncho Trap by Syngenta®Anita Rubagotti19 April 20234 January 2024

Rhyncho Trap by Syngenta®

Trap designed to monitor and mass-trap Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Red Palm Weevil).

Target pest

Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus)


Herbaceous, industrial, ornamental

Code: P-25021INFRHYFE Categories: Monitoring / mass trapping, Traps line

RHYNCHO TRAP by Syngenta® is a trap for monitoring and mass-trapping the Red Palm Weevil, comprising an innovative diffuser (RHYNCHO Pro Classic®) which allows the simultaneous release of an aggregation pheromone and the attractant kairomone capable effectively of attracting red palm weevil (also known as Asian Palm Weevil or Sago Paslm Weevil) adults into pitfall-type trap.

When the trap is activated, the aggregation pheromone

Usage tips

Use Rhyncho Trap by Syngenta® when Red Weevil adults are active. Place the trap at least 10 metres from palm trees, ideally in a shaded area. Bury the lower (yellow) part and fill it halfway witha water and a small amount of soap or vegetable oil. Open the diffuser bottle, screw it into the center of the holder and place it in the buried part of the trap, then insert the upper part. For monitoring, plate 1/2 traps per hectare, taking care to monitor the trap regularly. For mass-trapping, place 7/14 traps per hectare. Replace the diffuser every 3 months.

Package contents

  • 1 trap
  • 3 pheromone dispensers