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LYGUSTRAPAnita Rubagotti19 April 202320 March 2024


Pheromone trap designed to monitor Lygus rugulipennis.

Target pest

Lygus rugulipennis


Herbaceous, industrial, ornamental

Monitoring period

May, June, July

Code: P-25019INF Categories: Monitoring / mass trapping, Traps line

LYGUSTRAP is a pheromone trap for monitoring Lygus Rugulipennis, recommended for horticultural crops.
The trap can be used for both monitoring and mass-trapping on a wide variety of horticultural crops.

Usage tips

The useful period for monitoring is between April and october. Place 2/5 traps per hectare for field crops. For protected crops, place the traps outside the greenhouse. Traps should be placed between the rows of crops at height of 20/50 cm or possibly buried up to the collecting jar. In case of high pests densities, provide additional traps on any sides or points at risk. To facilitate the capture of the insect, add liquid (e.g. water and soap). The green colour increases the attractiveness of the trap to the insect. Dispensers have a lifetime of 4/5 weeks.

Package contents

  • 2 traps
  • 4 pheromone dispensers