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GOLDENTRAP®Anita Rubagotti14 April 202320 March 2024


Yellow colored chromotropic trap, designed to monitor and mass-trap insects.

Target pest

Aaleurodidi, Dipterans


Fruit and wine growing, Herbaceous, industrial, ornamental

Monitoring period

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Code: P-25017INFG Categories: Monitoring / mass trapping, Traps line

GOLDENTRAP® is the yellow colored chromotropic trap to monitor and mass-trap insects. The fluorescent yellow colorour is particularly suitable for enhancing the attractiveness of the panels to dipters (e.g flies) and rhyncota (hemiptera), such as leafthopperss and aleurodes orother insects attracted by the yellow colour. Water-repellent, resistant ot rain and to foilar applications of the most common agropharmaceuticals. The hight quality entomological glue is non-toxic and present on both sides. It’s UV-resistant, does not dry out and remains active for at least 4/5 weeks in open field conditions. Once applied, the board stays firmly in place, does not roll up and does not bend. It can be used in any type of greenhouse, under open field conditions and also in indoor environments such as food storage or livestock farms.
GOLDENTRAP® is harmless to beneficial incects such as bees, as the yellow colour is not sufficient to attract them, for the presence of the pollen or nectar is also necessary.
Safe and non-toxic.

Usage tips

Use GOLDENTRAp® to monitor and mass-trap targeted insect pests. Modulate the quantity of the panels to be used according to the pressure and quantity of the insects and the crop to be protected. Replace the panels when there’s about 70% of the surface covered by insects or when the glue loses its adhesive activity. Intensifying the number of traps around the perimeter of the field can promote the “barrier” effect, limitign the entry of new pests into the field. Use the ties available to secure the panel to the support structures. Holes are provided in the four corners of the panels to facilitate the operation. Properly secure GOLDENTRAP® panels so they do not wobble and are more effective at capturing insects. For more selective trapping, GOLDENTRAP® panels can be combined with pheromone dispenser Dispenser for those insects for which the attractiveness of chromotropic traps and sex or aggregation pheromones can be applied simultaneously. In this case, the number of panels installed can be significantly reduced as required. Apply the dispenser directly onto the entomological glue.

Package contents

  • 10 glued traps
  • 20 ties per installation.
  • Height 25,5 cm x Widht 16 cm. Each trap is enclosed between two protective envelopes.