Ecodian® line

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Ecodian® line
The technique of sexual disorientation

Ecodian® is the only company to use the method of sexual disorientation, a direct defence method based on the use of pheromones to prevent males and females of the same species from meeting, thus reducing mating and the resulting damage to the crop.

Sexual disorientation uses a very small amount of pheromone so as to create “false trails” that the male insect follows in an attempt to locate the female, avoiding saturation of the environment and adapting even to smaller plots.

The products of the Ecodian line, authorised by the Ministry of Health, can be successfully used in organic farming and are suitable for use in integrated pest management strategies.


These are hook-shaped pheromone dispensers to be hung on the branches and branches of plants in the orchard.


Is a pheromone-soaked wire that is 'spread' along the rows of the crop to be protected or hung from tall trees.


Pheromones are natural chemicals used as messages in the social lives of many animals, particularly insects.

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