Traps line

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Traps line
Thed traps for monitoring and mass trapping

inFarm – Isagro Phero Line® offers a wide range of traps for monitoring and mass trapping in combination with more than 100 pheromones available to control of the main pests.


Monitoring equipment can detect the start of an insect's flight and population density, allowing you to identify the right time to intervene with targeted treatment.

Monitoring devices are a valuable tool when used in conjunction with our Ecodian® sexual orientation system to maximise crop protection.

Mass trapping

Mass trapping makes it possible to control a pest species by trapping large numbers of insects with a single device.

Traps alone cannot completely eliminate the infested species. However, our products are recognised as an effective means of controlling the population.


Pheromones are natural chemicals used as messages in the social lives of many animals, particularly insects.

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