About us

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Our mission in inFarm
Insect control, environmental sustainability.

InFarm is the division of GEA dedicated to the world of professional agriculture.

Founded in Milan in 1986, GEA is a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly pest control solutions.

We are a company with a strong focus on research and innovation. We believe in the value of “Made in Italy”. This means that 100% of our production capacity is managed in Italy.

InFarm was created to provide a targeted and specific response to the needs of farmers and technicians: climate change and its effects on the flight dynamics of the main phytophagous pests, alien species and changing crops all create new pest problems.

Traps and pheromones effective and sustainable

By acquiring Isagro's pheromones and traps business, Gea srl has become part of Italian chemical history.

In fact, the first experiments carried out with pheromones at the Donegani Institute in Novara (now the Eni Research Centre), the flagship of the great Italian chemical tradition linked to Montecatini (then Montedison) and later Enichem, then Enimont, date back to the late 1970s.

Isagro srl was founded in 1992. It took over the group’s important research and development activities. Around 50 years had passed since the first pheromone traps for monitoring (TRAPTEST®), patented in 1976 and still the most widely used monitoring traps in Italy, appeared in Italy, for mass trapping (MASS®) and the first successes in identifying the pheromones of: Sesamia cretica and Heliotis armigera (1977), Pandemis cerasana (1982), Cossus cossus (1983) and Zeuzera pyrina (1986).

At the same time, towards the end of the 1980s, studies began on direct control systems for phytophagous insects, initially with sexual confusion (ECOPOM for Carpocapsa, registered in January 2003) and then moving on to the method of sexual disorientation, an innovative defence system developed exclusively by Isagro, with the introduction of ECODIAN® dispensers made of biodegradable material (Mater-Bi). The first registration in Italy of this type of product dates back to November 2005 (ECODIAN® CARPOCAPSA).

This great heritage of research and development in the field of pheromones, which has always been directed towards environmentally friendly systems, is now being incorporated into Gea srl, with the aim of improving the work done and enriching it with more modern and sustainable solutions.

We have embarked on an ambitious project
Responding to the needs of professional agriculture with a sustainable approach.

GEA srl’s inFarm – Isagro Phero Line® aims to offer a complete, targeted and sustainable range that responds to the changing needs of modern professional agriculture, combining high efficiency and practicality with sustainability.

The changing flight dynamics of the major phytophagous pests, the continuing threat of alien species introduction and the structural need to reduce the use of synthetic insecticides are some of the major challenges facing agriculture.

We want to respond to these issues by putting innovation and research at the service of the farmer in the management of pest problems, with the aim of intercepting their periodicity and mutation.

We provide useful tools to monitor insect flights, help technicians determine intervention thresholds for field treatment and enable them to correctly apply the principles of Integrated and Guided Pest Management.

We are also engaged in the development of sustainable techniques for the biocontrol of phytophagous pests, which allow a significant reduction in the chemical impact associated with synthetic insecticides through the technique of sexual disorientation, represented by the Ecodian® line.

Finally, through our own research and ongoing dialogue with universities and research institutes, we are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to protect crops from the increasing presence and spread of alien species.

Environmental impact

We have a responsible approach to manufacturing, from production processes to material selection, with the aim of minimising environmental impact.

Raw materials

To contribute to the development of an increasingly sustainable agriculture, we select eco-friendly materials, such as the use of a compostable bioplastic for the dispensers of the entire Ecodian® line.


GEA has always paid attention to the quality of its products and guarantees continuous improvement in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and durability of the performance of all its products.