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MASS®Anita Rubagotti14 April 202319 March 2024


Pheromone trap designed to monitor and mass-trap food moths and Lepidoptera noctuidae.

Target pest

Food moths, Lepidoptera


Fruit and wine growing, Herbaceous, industrial, ornamental, Stored food

Monitoring period

March, April, May, June, July, August, September

Code: P-25003INFX Categories: Monitoring / mass trapping, Traps line

MASS® is a funnel trap with a collection bag, particularly suitable to trap food and meal moths in mills, warehouses and the food industry. It is also suitableto trap different species of Nectuid Lepidoptera pesting horticultural crops. MASS® must be activated with the specific pheromone.

Usage tips

Activate MASS® with the specific pheromone dispenser, then hang one trap every 200 m3, at 1,8/2m from the floor and away from walls. In greenhouse use, hang 1 trap every 1000 m2.

Package contents

  • 1 Trap
  • 3 Bags