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CARPOAnita Rubagotti14 April 202319 March 2024


Pheromone trap designed to monitor Cydia pomonella.

Target pest

Cydia pomonella (Apple Tree moth)


Fruit and wine growing

Monitoring period

April, May, June, July

Code: P-25005INFCARPPO Categories: Monitoring, Traps line

CARPO is a trap designed to detect the presence of Cydia pomonella (codling moth) with a removable inner glued base specifically designed to enhance effectiveness. The trap must be activated with the specific pheromone dispenser.
The pheromone should be replaced every 4/5 weeks.

Usage tips

Hang CARPO at 1,5/2 meters from the ground, before the start of the wintering generation flights, 3 per hectare. For plots larger than one hectare, calculate 3 traps for the first then one for each additional hecatare. Check traps weekly or in shorter shifts if necessary.
The pheromone should be replaced every 4/5 weeks.

Package contents

  • 1 Trap
  • 3 Pheromone Dispensers
  • 3 Glued Bottom