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CYMATRAP® DISPENSER 9+9Anita Rubagotti19 April 202320 March 2024


Specific pheromone dispenser fo Asian Bugs (Halyomorpha halys).

Target pest

Asian bugs (halyomorpha halys)

Code: P-25015INFHALYHA Categories: Dispenser, Pheromones and dispensers line

CYMATRAP®  DISPENSER contains additional pairs of dispensers, to be combined with CYMATRAP® GARDEN e CYMATRAP® PRO.

Recommended for

Usage tips

Place 1 silicone dispenser and 1 vial-shaped dispenser inside the jar and at the base of the cone. Keep the vial closed, replace after 8/9 weeks. Insert into CYMATRAP® GARDEN or CYMATRAP® PRO trap jars the aggregate diffuser (vial) and the attractant diffuser (silicone dispenser). The vial-shaped diffuser must be kept closed. The product poses no rissk of toxicity to humans, animals and no special precautions are required. To ensure greater effectiveness, we recommend handling with gloves. Store in a cool place, the activity of the dispenser lasts 8/9 weeks from the day of their exposure, depending on the environmental conditions.

Package contents

  • 9 aggregation pheromone dispensers (vial)
  • 9 dispensers of attractant (silicone dispensers) specifically for Halyomorpha halys