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DROSATRAPAnita Rubagotti14 April 202320 March 2024


Trap designed to monitor and mass-trap Drosophilia suzukii.

Target pest

Drosophila suzukii


Fruit and wine growing

Monitoring period

May, June, July, August, September

Code: P-25020INFKIT Categories: Monitoring / mass trapping, Traps line

DROSATRAP is designed to monitor the small fruit fly, a key pest in strawberry, raspberry, grape, cherry, plum, peach, fig, blackberry, blueberry, persimmon and kiwi. DROSTRAP is a selective trap, designed to prevent the capture of other insects, including beneficial ones such as bees. Must be used in combination with DROSALIQUID.

Recommended for

Usage tips

DROSATRAP is the trap to use in combinatin with DROSALIQUID . Place 10/20 traps per hectare, filled with 200ml of liquid attractant, making sure to position them at a height of 1-1,5 metres.

Package contents

  • 2 traps
  • 1 can of Drosaliquid