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OliveAnita Rubagotti14 April 20234 January 2024


Pheromone Trap designed to monitor Olive Flies.

Target pest

Olive Fly (Bactrocera oleae)


Fruit and wine growing

Monitoring period

May, June, July, August, September, October

Code: P-25007INFDACUOL Categories: Monitoring, Traps line

OLIVE is an extremely effective trap to monitor the olive fly (Bactocera oleae), consisting of a specially designed double-opitch canopy, glued on the inside, with the composite pheromone dispenser positioned at a distance fom the canopy, to maximise attraction and capture.

The combination of OLIVE and the specific pheromone, provides a system with high selectivity and effectiveness.

Usage tips

It is recommeded to install OLIVE traps at the end of June, in a number of 2/3 per hectare of olive grove. For plots larger than one hectare, calculate 3 traps for the first one, than one trap per each additional hectare. Replace dispenser every 4/5 weeks.

Package contents

  • 9 Traps
  • 9 pheromone dispenser