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ECODIAN® CIDIAAnita Rubagotti19 April 202320 March 2024


Pheromone diffuser for sexual disoriantation of Cydia (grapholita), molesta.

Authorization of Ministry of Health n°11554 of 20/01/2003

Target pest

Oriental peach tree moth – cydia (Grapholita) molesta


Fruit and wine growing

Monitoring period

April, May, June

Code: P-25016INFCM Categories: Ecodian® line, Sexual disorientation

ECODIAN® CIDIA consists of pheromone dispensers made of biodegradable and compostable plastic that does not require removale and disposal at the end of the season. ECODIAN® CIDIA eliminates and/or minimises mating of Cydia (Grapholita) molesta, Eastern Peach Moth, using the sexual disorientation technique.

Recommended for

Usage tips

ECODIAN® CIDIA should always be applied before the beginning of the flights, following the indications of the forecast models provided by the Pythosanitary Services and/or coincide with the very first catches in the pheromone traps. Apply ECODIAN® CIDIA diffusers on branches in the upper third of the tree, in shaded areas if possibile, takibng care to distribuite evenyl, also protecting uncovered areas such as fallows, corridors and breeding plants. In order to be effective, the number of spreaders should be sufficient to compete with the females in the orchard and minimise the likelihood of males detecting their calls. The minimum number of ECODIAN® CIDIA required for each application is 2000 per hectare. This number should be increased to 2500/3000 per hectare with high populations, tall and vigorous plants. In orchards with ECODIAN® CIDIA, Cydia (Grapholita) molesta should be monitored with TRAPTEST®. This will allow the system to be monitored by installing traps prior to the start of flights. The control of the traps is very important and must be carried meticulously, the absence of cathces indicates that distorientation conditions have occured and persist. The activity of ECODIAN® CIDIA is influenced by climatic parameters, under normal conditions it lasts for approximately 50 to 60 days.

Package contents

  • 1 case
  • 1000 grey hook diffusers made with biodegradable material