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ECODIAN® CT wAnita Rubagotti19 April 202317 June 2024


Pheromone wire diffuser for sexual disorientation of Chestnut Tree Nits.

Registration Ministry of Health n° 184520 of 10.06.2024

Target pest

Cydia fagiglandana, Cydia splendana


Fruit and wine growing

Monitoring period

June, July, August, September

Code: P-25016INFCT Categories: Ecodian® line, Sexual disorientation

ECODIAN® CT w is a pheromone diffusing wire, made from biodegradable bio-plastic, for the sexual disorientation of Cydia splendana and Cydia fagiglandana (chestnut lice). The ECODIAN® CT w diffusing wire is mate from biodegradable material, impregnated with specific pheromones.
The wire releases the syntethic analogue of the specific pheromones for these insects into the environment.

Recommended for

Usage tips

ECODIAN® CT w should be installed before the start of the flight of the two species (i.e from mid-June to ealy July) It is advisabel to install traps model TRAPTEST® in the plot subjected to disorientation, to monitor the consistency of pythophagus flights. The device appropriately cut into segments of approximately 6 metres in lenght, should be attached to the branches as high as possible (recommended using a telescopic pole). The segments should be installed as evenly as possible across the plot. The amount of wire to be installed per hectare is approximately 900 metres, depending on che type of chestnut grove. The life of the diffuser is influenced by climatic parameters, in particular temperature, wind and level to sunlight exposure. Under normal conditions lasts 70/80 days.

Package contents

  • 1 spool with 100 m of red wire made with biodegradable material.