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ECODIAN® LBMicol Stivanello29 May 202429 May 2024


Pheromone wire diffuser for the mating distruption of Lobesia botrana (Chestnut tortrix moths)

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Target pest

Fruit and wine growing

Monitoring period

June, July, August, September

Code: P-25016INFLB Categories: Ecodian® line, Sexual disorientation

ECODIAN ®LB is a pheromone wire diffuser made of Mater-Bi bio-plstic for the mating distruption Lobesia botrana (Chestnut tortrix moths).
The wire ECODIAN ®LB is made of bio-degradable plastic infused with sintetic pheromones which are released in the environment. The quantitiy of pheromone used is limited and creates “false traces” the the male insects follow in the vain attempt to reach the females. By not saturating the environment, the mating disruption technique is better suited for smaller plots and prevents the risk of resistance by the insect.

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Usage tips

Install before the start of the second flight of Lobesia botrana which begins approximately in the first decade of June.
Apply the thread by spreading it along the main branch above the band of the bunches, inside the vegetation, so as to anchor it firmly to the vine branches in order to protect it from the suns rays.
Use approximately every 4/5 rows, these values may vary according to the width and type of vineyard to be treated.
Install about 700/1000 m per hectare.
We recommend monitoring with TRAPTEST for Lobesia botrana, this allows you to monitor the progress of the system by installing traps before the start of flights. The absence of catches indicates that conditions of sexual disorientation have occurred and persist.
The activity of the ECODIAN® LB diffusers is influenced by climatic parameters, the duration is approximately 100/120 days.

Package contents

1 reel with 100m red colored thread