Gea and the new inFarm Catalogue – Isagro Pheroline® 2023 Anita Rubagotti 15 June 2023

Gea and the new inFarm Catalogue – Isagro Pheroline® 2023

Fruit trees such as this persimmon tree are affected by insects and pests that Infarm Isagro Phero Line can treat and prevent without the use of pesticides

The importance of monitoring and more

The company offers the widest possible range in the “Traps and Pheromones” segment. The development of the Ecodian® range is particularly noteworthy for sexual disorientation, as it combines high effectiveness and practicality with sustainability.

In the few months that it has been present on the Italian market, Gea Srl, which acquired Isagro’s Traps and Pheromones division at the beginning of the year, has immediately focused on developing new solutions for monitoring and mass trapping of harmful insects.
The company’s own research, the constant dialogue with universities and research institutes, and the focus on innovative solutions allow Gea to offer the widest possible range of traps and pheromones. In particular, the development of the Ecodian® range for sexual orientation makes it possible to combine a high level of effectiveness and practicality with a sustainable approach.

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