Monitoring: how important it is and when insect flights begin Anita Rubagotti 15 June 2023

Monitoring: how important it is and when insect flights begin

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2022 was another tough year for crops, characterised by higher than average temperatures, drought and prolonged seasons. These conditions are leading to obvious changes in the flight dynamics of the main phytophagous pests (earlier flights, increased number of generations and longer duration of generations), as well as the continued threat of introduction and development of alien species. Added to these dynamics is the structural tendency to reduce active synthetic insecticides, both due to the decrease in available active ingredients and the increased need for their targeted use.

Therefore, understanding when and how to intervene with the help of monitoring remains extremely topical. It is often not something that can be postponed.

Fixed calendar treatments are no longer considered a winning rationale in terms of economic and environmental sustainability. The first objective is to provide useful tools for monitoring insect flights. This will help technicians to determine intervention thresholds, to identify the right time to treat in the field and to correctly apply the principles of integrated and controlled pest management.

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