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YATLORFAnita Rubagotti19 April 202320 March 2024


Pheromone trap designed to monitor Elateridae, Coleoptera.

Target pest


Prodotto correlato

Feromoni dedicati – con codici dedicati


Herbaceous, industrial, ornamental

Monitoring period

March, April, May, June, July

Code: P-25011INF Categories: Monitoring, Traps line

YATLORF is a trap designed ti monitor Elateridae, Coleoptera with a multi-years cycle whose larvae, known as “ferrets”, feed on roots and underground organs causing seedling failure and wilting of adult plants. In pur environments the most common species belong to genus Agriotes and among them A. litigiosus, A. brevis and A. sordidus.

Usage tips

YATLORF traps, depending on the season and the insect to monitor, should be triggered with one or more specific pheromones. The traps should be placed in numbers of 3 per hectare, in a stable position on the ground, burying the lower edge with 1/2 cm of soil. Dispensers have a lifetime of 4/5 weeks.

End of march/early april: insert Brevis.
Early april: add Sordidus.
Beginning of may: renew Sordidus
Late May: replace Brevis with Litigiosus
Mid-June: renew Litigiosus
Early August: end of monitoring

Package contents

  • 1 trap with components to assemble. Pheromones are not included in the package